Mobile Version – Upcoming Update Coming in a couple weeks!

Hello, EpicnessDesignsNetwork Community, today we are announcing the mobile version and what it has to offer well the mobile version has you can share your amazing artwork and designs but your probably thinking to yourself Michael what is different then all the other art communities out there. Well, we will feature most of everyone’s artwork within our site so we try to help all the small page artist and all the new designers to show what they can within the whole community. But not only that we will try to feature as much people as we can within the art community and help these users get known for there amazing talents. Because i know everyone can draw and design and our platform believes everyone should be able to get featured with us on the homepage while everyone checks out our platform and join us on this journey or sharing there amazing designs. Also, users can follow each other pages on the mobile version and perhaps you guys could collaborate on a design and perhaps both be featured on one design. But in the mine while we are still programming the mobile version we will continue to announce what other features this platform will offer for all these designers using our mobile version of sharing your beloved designs and showing off your art skills to the world and within the community.

I hope you loved this announcement what i had to say but there will be more coming soon!


Michael, Founder of EpicnessDesignsNetwork AKA EDNK

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Michael Vasquez

EpicnessDesignsNetwork, Is a Designs Network! To share your artwork with the whole community.

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